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Cherry Sounds Productions

Hire a DJ that can fit the music to the moment, in style. 
Our DJ's will provide the personal touch and skills needed to transform party music from background sound into a true performance. 
With experience providing music for such events as Graduations, Wedding Socials, Dance Clubs, Formal Dinners, House Parties, School Dances, and Office Parties the music will always fit. 
Our DJ's believe that the music can please everyone. 
By listening to requests and by paying close attention to crowd response your 
DJ will choose songs one by one (no boring playlists) to create a well rounded and exciting party atmosphere. 
Spice up your social/party. 
Your DJ will always concentrate on selecting the BEST possible next song, and when the crowd wants your DJ can live remix and mashup songs while respecting classics. 
Your event will include a healthy variety of musical tastes that is sure to satisfy everyone from the appreciators of classic social music, club music and remix lover all the way to grandma and grandpa and your hard to please aunts and uncles. 
Get exactly what you want and expect in a DJ. 
For more information and booking Contact  Cherry Sounds Productions  at
: (519) 732-2844 

I'm the DJ.